MA Senator John Kerry calling for U.S. Military in Libya

Video from Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch on Fox Business News

Proceed to 5:28 for the John Kerry calling for military action in Libya.

John Kerry: who gained fame as a Vietnam War veteran knows full well this is not what the people of Massachusetts or the United States need at this point in time with the economy so close to total a total socio-economic collapse.

With his ties to secret societies  and his new global ambitions John Kerry is too disconnected from the average American and the Massachusetts working class who have elected him to represent them  “to be their voice” in the U.S. Senate. ..   He has gone rogue.

Also see:

Sen. John Kerry urges no-fly zone over Libya as Gadhafi uses warplanes on rebels

The claims of Gadhafi’s use of war planes were found to be fabricated. The Russian military is monitering the situation by use of hi tech satellite surveillance and found the original mass media reports  of strafing by war planes to be fabricated and false. Kerry is aware of this too!


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