Mudslide in Greenfield MA , March 07 2011

  • Greenfield recovers from mudslide which displaces residents (with video)

    GREENFIELD – When firefighters got the call about a motorist stuck in a sinkhole on Meridian Street at 5:19 Monday morning, they didn’t know what to expect. Within minutes of arriving, firefighters realized a “quiet mudslide,” known as a “gully erosion event,” had swept the car from the road above to the bridge that spans the Green River below, said Greenfield Fire Chief Michael Winn. “We were told it was a ‘gully erosion event,’ because it wasn’t quite as fierce as a typical mudslide,” said Winn. The mud and water had also hit homes, filled yards and buried cars parked 100 feet up Meridian Street.

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    Insurance likely won’t help victims


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