Solar Action May Be Behind Earthquake & Resulting Tsunami

Piers Corbyn: Massive Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Were Triggered by Solar Action (Solar Mass Ejection on March 10 2011) – Extreme Weather Related Event

Astrophysicist/Meteorologist Piers Corbyn:  claims Earthquake is being caused by the Mar 10 2011 Solar Mass Ejection in conjunction with the Super Moon. (The Moon being in an unusual close to the earth.)

The Sun is coming into a new cycle of solar activity initiating the beginning of the Solar Maximum which should be at its peak in 2013. This Solar Maximum cycle, not hydrocarbons or man,  is also what is responsible for the current Global Warming Trend of the Earth. The CO2 in the atmosphere is not causing the global warming as indicated by Al Gore and those behind Agenda 21 who are looking to tax the air we as humans exhale .

Watch Video Piers Corbyn


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