Avoid Cycle Stop, RT 202 So Hadley MA, Bike Inspection Sticker? BEWARE

CYCLE STOP : 459 Granby Rd, South Hadley, MA – Went there for a bike inspection sticker in 2010. The mechanic or person giving the inspection gave a rejection inspection based on a gauge measurement of the tire tread. When questioned the mechanic displayed the measurement he took using a tire tread gauge. However, he took the measurement with the gauge placed over the tire indicator wear mark which is a raised mark manufactured into the tire. There are several raised spots which are manufactured into the tire groves by the tire manufacturers to be used to indicate tire wear. The way they work is that they tell the observer when the tire is at its legal limit of wear when the mark is flush with the tire surface. In other words the tire tread is GOOD as long as it is above the TIRE WEAR MARK! Cycle Stop however purposely places the gauge over the wear mark to force you to have to buy new tires before the prescribed legal limit. They are ripping people off and breaking the law. Attention Massachusetts DOT, Cycle Stop of South Hadley should have their inspection rights revoked. Subsequent to the posting I learned they also prematurely rejected a friend’s bike for tires two weeks later. BEWARE! if they are dishonest on this it is likely they are not shooting strait on other things. (I still have the tire and the rejection for anyone who might have questions) Irate Lost Customer.

Update 03/30/2011 I had the front and rear tires replaced on the bike by a competitor bike shop. While the bike was in the shop I asked the person who preforms the Massachusetts inspections at that shop to look at my old tires and to render his opinion. He used the gauge to measure the tires. Mass law requires 2/32 depth. Each tire had 3.5/32 to 4/32 tread depth.

Both front and rear tires had more than enough to pass inspections by Massachusetts law for not only 2010 but the mechanic made it very clear that these old tires would pass inspection today for the 2011 inspection as well.
In my opinion I would AVOID CYCLE STOP on 202 in South Hadley at all costs. BEWARE!


2 thoughts on “Avoid Cycle Stop, RT 202 So Hadley MA, Bike Inspection Sticker? BEWARE

  1. I was just there about 30 minutes ago. The front door was locked and there was a sign to go around back. The sign on the door said it was illegal (or unsafe) to be back there when there were no employees, and there weren’t any. So this guy calls down from a window above, which was weird because the front doors were locked. He comes down and after an exchange of a few words, tells me he doesn’t want my business, and closes the door in my face. Here’s the Google Place Page: http://goo.gl/HFNyv I left a review, as did my buddy Bob Lews (ironically, he had also had bad experiences there recently). You can too.

  2. I just purchased a Tao Tao 500 cc Moped on line and had it assembled in their shop.
    The good news is that it works fine and that it was assembled and delivered much quicker than expected.
    Whats the rub?
    Well the rub is that when I purchased the unit on line from a store in Ohio(which also assembles them for people who live near there), I was told that it is easy to assemble and that a cd comes enclosed to assemble the 20% which isn’t already assembled.
    Not being good mechanically, I figure what the heck it won’t be that expensive and that it would be better to let the pros do it.
    So anyways after the unit was delivered to the shop and I signed off on it, I asked the owner how long it would take to have it ready(this was on Tuesday, 6/17).
    He told me it would probably be next week as they had around 25-30 motorcycles in from of me needing service.
    I said ok fine.
    The cost of labor is $75 an hour.
    Well to my surprise, I got a call from the owner the next day telling me that my moped was finished and to pick it up.
    I asked how much and I was told it was $250( 3 1/4 hours of work).
    I didn’t question the charge at the time but simply went over to the store to pay for it.
    When I asked him politely about the charge, he told me it was three hours labor and some other incidentals.
    Ok-lie #1-he said it took two gallons of premium gas whereas I know it is slightly more than a gallon.
    He then gave me some bs how it took more than 1/2 hour to get it out of the crate.
    He apparently forgot that I was present when the unit arrived and no way it takes more than a few minutes to get it out of the box.
    Not wanting to get into an argument until I had more facts, I asked him for the assembly cd.
    I also asked him if he would do work on it at no charge if it didn’t work right.
    He gave an evasive answer and stated that if there was a problem, that it would be up to the on line store to fix it if a part was defective.
    He never really gave me an answer if they would cover it if it wasn’t the part but faulty labor,.
    Anyways, when I got home, I played the cd and it looked like a piece of cake and confirmed what the online store said.
    I then callled the onlne stoere and asked to speak to their mechanic.
    I told him of my experience and he told me that it takes him 20-30 minutes to assemble one of these and that it shouldn’t take any skilled mechanic more than one hour.
    Here is what i think happened.:
    CycleStop “squeezed” in the work to assemble the moped once they realized how easy it was and figured an person a bit older (I am in my late 60’s) would never know how long it took and would simpy be happy he got the moped so quickly.
    In all “fairness” it may have taken them three hours if they just worked on it here and there with the bigger jobs.
    What they diodn’t realize is that I have been involved and interested in matters like this for all of my adult life.
    In short, they tried to pull a fast one.
    They may have won the battle but lost the war because of the fact that if just person stays away because of this review, the overcharge of about $150-$175 to me will have been lost.
    My advice is stay far, fa away unless you enjoy being ripped off.
    ps-I am going to post this review elsewhere and also contact the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow.

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