Comet “Elenin” to Pass Very Close to Earth: Path in 2011

Wikipedia: Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is a long-period comet discovered by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010 at International Scientific Optical Network‘s robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Comet “Elenin” to Pass Very Close to Earth: Path in 2011

Last December, Russian Astronomer Leonid Elenin discovered a previously unknown comet. This comet has been named C/2010 X1, or more commonly referred to as Comet Elenin. The discovery of this comet is exciting, yet unsettling at the same time. Exciting in the fact that there are many, many bodies in the solar system that we have yet to discover, unsettling in the fact that it was just a few short months ago. The current projected path puts Comet Elenin at within .24 Au (Astronomical Units – Distance of the Earth to the Sun is 1 Au) of Earth. In comparison, the Hale-Bopp Comet of 1997 closest pass to earth was 1.315 Au. Needless to say, this should be a very bright comet in the night sky.

The first question I have is why hasn’t the media reported much about Comet Elenin? The media has always published large news articles about found comets. Is it because Elenin is going to be coming a little too close for comfort and they don’t want to insight panic? The fact of the matter is, Comet Elenin may hit Earth!

I am not trying to be an alarmist, but the possibility exists. The orbit of Elenin seems to be changing weekly. As it passes through the asteroid belts and such, it’s possible that it could contact another body in space and change its orbit. When Elenin was first discovered, initial predictions had it passing about 8.8 Au from Earth. These first calculations have changed immensely. Today the orbit calculations have Elenin coming as close as .24 to .15 Au from Earth. That is a major difference and one of the reasons why I believe the media has kept relatively quiet about it. To put it in a little perspective, the Moon is only .0026 Au from Earth. As I mentioned before, the data is being recalculated daily to predict exactly how close Elenin will come. Elenin will pass through the Main Asteroid Belt and runs the risk of contacting an asteroid and changing direction. Even a subtle shift could spell disaster for Earth. The next thing we need to be aware of is the debris left behind by Elenin. Earth WILL pass through this debris tail, by current calculations, it should occur around November 6th, 2011. This should bring quite the light show in the night sky. Take a look at the below dates to gauge when Elenin will be most visible to us.

3/15/2011 alignment—sun earth comet (2.099 Au)
9/11/2011 perihelion – visible with naked eye
9/26/2011 alignment—sun comet earth(.392 Au)–possible tail interaction
10/16/2011 closest (.24 Au)
11/6/2011 debris field
11/22/2011 alignment—sun earth comet (.586 Au)
4/21/2012 debris field
12/25/2012 alignment—sun earth comet (5.242 Au)

It has been calculated that Elenin’s orbit around the sun and back is about 10,000 years. Kind of brings to mind the orbit of another celestial body that is talked about in many circles, Planet X or Nibiru. Could the tales of Nibiru been related to the last time that Elenin passed by the Earth? I have heard from many that claim Comet Elenin is just a coverup for Nibiru. To focus our attention on a wondrous comet in our skies and make us less aware of the approaching brown dwarf planet with three moons known as Planet X, Nibiru.

The next effect I have heard about is Comet Elenin triggering the Pole Shift that has been spoken of. The pole shift is when the Earth’s magnetic poles move and switch. Some believe this to be a process that will take about 5 years. During those years, we may lose many plants and animals to solar radiation poisoning because of the weakening of the protective magnetic layer around Earth. The other school of thought is that it will happen quickly, inside of a few days, and re-establish the magnetic protective layer around Earth. The drawback from this happening that quick is it could trigger many natural disasters from large earthquakes to volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. The gravitational pulls of the comet will assist the Earth’s magnetic poles to shift. My only question to this is why didn’t it happen in 1997 with Comet Hale-Bopp?

The last prediction related to Comet Elenin comes from Nostradamus. Let’s take a look at his Century 2, Quatrain 62:

‘Mabus will soon die, then will come

A horrible undoing of people and animals,

At once one will see vengeance,

One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.’

From this prediction one could believe that the comet passing is what causes the strife to mankind. Could Comet Elenin be the comet that Nostradamus is referring to? To some, this is an extremely scary prediction, and cause for great alarm. Back to an earlier question, this could be why the media has kept quiet about this phenomenon.

Whether we like it or not, Comet Elenin is going to pass by, or hit, Earth. Is there something we can do to change that? I don’t see it. Unless we can get Bruce Willis to jump on an experimental space craft and put a nuke inside of the comet. Back on topic, Comet Elenin will provide us with a great space show later this year. I am looking forward to it. As for all the doom and gloom predictions associated with it, I guess only time will tell. Read More >>>>

Comment by Morpheus: Take for instance the line of (One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass) in above listed Nostradamus Quotran. “One Hundred Powers” could very likely be Nostradamus’ reference to the Nuclear Catastrophe for which there were no words to describe in his time but which is currently taking place in 2011 in Japan.

If so Nostradamus is telling us that many, many people will die from famine and thirst as a direct result of the Nuclear Event taking place in Japan before our very eyes by means of TV and Web reporting.

Also use of the term vengeance:

  1. infliction of injury, harm, humiliation, or the like, on a person by another who has been harmed by that person; violent revenge: But have you the right to vengeance?
  2. an act or opportunity of inflicting such trouble: to take one’s vengeance.
  3. the desire for revenge: a man full of vengeance.
  4. Obsolete . hurt; injury.
  5. Obsolete . curse; imprecation.


  1. with a vengeance,
  • a. with force or violence.
  • b. greatly; extremely.
  • c. to an unreasonable, excessive, or surprising degree: He attacked the job with a vengeance.



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