2012 Doom becomes 2011 Doom as Result of New Comet – ELENIN

Comet Elenin Effects: 2012 Doom becomes 2011 Doom

October 27 2011 is said to be the original ACTUAL DATE the Mayan Calendar ENDS.

December 21 2012 was a date that was later chosen to push out the true time of the Mayan Prediction.

Comet Elenin Interactive Tracking Tool on NASA.Gov Web Site

Coincidence: The Comet Elenin is to be inside of the earths orbit of the sun and lined up on the axis with the sun and the earth on Oct 27 2011. There is likely to be tremendous forces of gravitational pull imposed on the earth and all of it tectonic plates. The result is that one can expect the earthquake activity to increase in number, size and magnitude from where it is presently.

Each of the last three major earthquakes have occurred when Comet 2010 X1 known as Elenin was in direct alignment with the earth and the sun.  The next alignment of the earth the sun and Elenin will be around September 25th 2011.

At this point in time the comet Elenin will be inside of the earth’s orbit of the sun . In other words when this alignment occurs  the comet Elenin and its massive gravitational forces will be positioned directly between the earth and the sun.  This will likely cause a noticeable unsettling of the earths tectonic plates. At the very least expect stronger and more frequent earthquake activity through November of 2011 when the comet begins to head back out to deep space.


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