APR 23 2011 Hamilton Moving 300 Jobs Off Shore, working against U.S. Tax Payer

Hamilton Sunstrand is Moving 300 Jobs Off Shore:

The Off Shore People’s Tax should be used to buy the Hamilton Sunstrand products!

The U.S Taxpayer is the only real customer of Hamilton Sunstrand.

Yet they, in their infinite wisdom, and under the guidance of their New World Order Elitist bankster military industrial complex controllers, have decided to use the gargantuan amounts of U.S. taxpayer money they command to generate commerce in a foreign country.

At a time of critical need for U.S. economic recovery this is an unwise appropriation of the United States Taxpayers Dollars. It is a direct attack to the heart of the U.S. economy and against the United States of America. It is ECONOMIC WARFARE!

It is a very unwise  use of United States citizens money to benefit other countries while destroying more U.S. Commerce and further eroding any chance of a United States economic recovery. The congress who are representatives of the U.S. taxpayer should not allow this to happen. Congress should revoke all Hamilton contracts under some U.S. Economic Security Clause.

Any member of Congress who is complacent with this and allows taxpayer money to fund offshore job transfer should be removed from office. No Excuses.

2003 hamilton standard hamilton sundstrand mars space suit.JPG

Hamilton Sundstrand, the aerospace company, announced that they will be eliminating 300 union machinist jobs at its Windsor Locks plant.

The work is being moved to more cost-efficient production plants in Poland, Singapore and Arizona. The job cuts will take place over the next few months and according to a spokesman, any forced layoffs will occur later on during this year.


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