May 17 2011 Betchertown RECALL Vote Results

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. –  A recall drive against three Belchertown selectmen who voted against keeping Police Chief Francis Fox on the job last winter had only partial success.

Selectman George Archible will keep his seat on the board, with a 299 vote margin of victory. The vote was 1,312 against the recall; 1,013 for it. Kenneth Elstein also survived the recall effort, holding on by 175 votes. 1,244 Belchertown voters cast ballots against Elstein’s recall; 1,069 voted for it.

But the vote was much closer for James Barry, and he ended up losing his seat for a term that was supposed to end Monday anyway. James Barry was recalled by 27 votes. 1,182 Belchertown voters approved Barry’s recall. 1155 voted against it. James Barry was a candidate for re-election, and he lost that vote as well. He’ll be replaced by Brenda Aldrich.

Aldrich received1,151 votes. Barry received 1,017. Curtis Carroll had 126 votes. A ballot question to eliminate excise taxes on agricutural equipment and farm animals passed by a better than two to one margin. The yays garnered 1,429 votes. 576 opposed it. Belchertown Town Clerk William Barnett told 22News 2,398 voters cast ballots in the recall election. Voter turnout was 25.8%, within the parameters of what the town clerk had predicted.  Read Story >>


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