May 26 2011 Comet Elenin Time-Line and Path Update

ELENIN Position Update for May 25 2011: By Morpheus of

1 – Comet Elenin is currently at 1.853 AU distance from the earth.

2 – The comet Elenin will pass through the orbit of planet Mars on June 27 2011.

3 – Comet Elenin will reach the orbit pattern of Earth on August 1 2011.

4 – On August 19 2011 comet Elenin will passs through the orbit of Venus.

5 – On September 5 Elenin will reach the orbit of Planet Mercury.

6 – On September 11 2011 the comet Elenin will be at its closest point of its orbit to our Sun which will be a distance of (.482 AU). Elenin will then begin its journey back to outer space on its 11,000 year orbit of our sun. Before Elenin leaves the known solar system it will pass relatively close Earth.

7 – On September 25 2011 the comet Elenin will come in direct alinement with the Earth and our Sun as it passes between. At this point Elenin will be at .412 AU to Earth and .593 AU to the Sun.

9 – On October 17 Elenin will again cross the Earth orbit of the sun. At this date Elenin will be at the very close celestial distance of .232 AU to the Earth.

As comet Elenin approaches the Earth’s orbit and comes in alinement between the Sun and the Earth all types of magnetic, gravitational, electrical and other influences of this comet will affect the tectonic movements of earth, the weather patterns of earth and the communications systems on earth. Crops of food could become affected. Electrical power could be affected. The Ocean’s tidal forces could become affected. The earth’s magnetic polarity could become affected.

The geological history of earth shows that cataclysmic changes did occur about 11,000 years ago when comet Elenin last past by the Earth’s path in its orbit of the Sun.

The comet does not have to hit earth to have monumental affects on the natural rhythms of the Earth.

It would be wise to stock up on food and necessities to be safe rather than sorry you did not prepare. By Morpheus

Read in depth article at: Mar 13 2011 Comet “Elenin” to Pass Very Close to Earth: Path in 2011

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