Jun 9 2011 Calls to BOYCOTT Bank Forclosures and Home FLIPPER Purchases

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jun 9 2011 It is TIME to BOYCOTT Bank Forclosures and FLIPPER Home Sales

By Morpheus of www.50kview.com

It is has been clearly established that the Wall Street Bunch and BIG National Banks were knowingly complacent in creation of the housing bubble which has devastated the United States Economy to the point of GARGANTUAN BAILOUTS being extorted out of the United States Citizens and Tax Payers.It has further been determined that the excessive GREED of the Home Flippers added to the FALSE PRICE INFLATION of homes. The House Flippers who were used by the bankers to run up market prices also profited like the bankers and maintained their profits if they were quick enough to get out of the market before the collapse.

These same Home flippers are at it again competing in the open market with actual home buyers and helping the BANKERS to run up prices of otherwise reduced price FORECLOSED HOMES. When you buy a home form a Home Flipper, you are in fact working to again run up FORECLOSED HOME prices which would otherwise remain a bargain to YOU the ACTUAL HOME BUYER!

In addition the BANKERS are again unappreciative to the People of the United States who have BAILED them out. The Bankers are displaying contempt for buyers with delayed responses to offers, requiring perspective bidders to sign unconstitutional documents relinquishing all consumer rights and the Bankers are trying their best to not give any buyer the lower purchase prices reflective of a foreclosed home a deal.

With this in mind Morpheus of http://www.50kview.com is calling on all perspective buyers to BOYCOTT the BANK FORECLOSURES and Boycott the Puchase of any Home which has been purchased by Home Flippers for resale to you the actual HOME BUYER.

Posted by Morpheus


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