NOV 15 2011 Mankind is presently in very trying times

There is much disinformation and confusion about actual dates and years of the many predictions of pending doom.

Mankind is presently in very trying times of weather anomalies, Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, NUCLEAR driven Polar ICE PACK MELT, solar maximum cycles, nuclear fallout, nuclear waste (dumped in oceans) now being re-distributed into the atmosphere through earthquakes and volcano eruptions, massive bird and fish die-offs, food system collapse, In broad daylight GEO (Chem-Trail) RE_Engineering and terraforming of the earth’s atmosphere by UNKNOWN entities with out question by common man, bank system designed implosions through DERIVATIVE debt of nations in exchange for NO Product – No Food – No Goods – or No Services resulting in many nation’s total forfeit of national independent SOVEREIGNTY with out question of man as to “what was received, and by who,,, in exchange for the debt?” .

We are in some very critical times in which MANKIND may or may not survive. Most of the present destruction is at the hand of BIG government and corporations who have NO NEED for safe food, nontoxic water, clean air to breath or the preservation of the earth as we know it today.

All this is occurring unchecked because man has allowed himself to become preoccupied with TV mind control dribble, corporate controlled NEWS, and the preoccupation of sports, politics and other distractions of attention which cause one man to be in opposition with an other man over team spirit, political ideology, and man’s self absorption in comfort and wealth at total expense of all others. .

Man has successfully been distracted to the reality of the loss of the earth’s atmosphere, sovereignty, a safe food chain,  and national thievery induced enslavement all to the point at which the very survival of mankind and planet earth is at its most critical hour in the history of man as we know it today. … Morpheus 11 15 2011


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