Feb 14 2012 You Are N E V E R Really Free From BANK of AMERICA Fees. Even after Account is CLOSED!

I CLOSED my Bank of America Account Today Feb 14 2012
Be Advised When you close your Bank of America Accounts they WILL AUTOMATICALLY RE-OPEN if ANY of your automatic accounts attempt to withdraw from the CLOSED ACCOUNT.
In THEORY Bank of AMERICA will NEVER let you totally CLOSE your Account Permanently. Any vender you gave access to your account can re-open YOUR ACCOUNT at Bank of America thus triggering the ONSLAUGHT of BANK of AMERICA FEES.. You are never really F R E E from Bank of AMERICA!!!

I was not informed of this when I closed the account but I did later receive a phone call from Marc Swan of the Chicopee MA branch in which he informed me that the account can be re-activated against my wishes. So I then asked for a receipt from Bank of America indicating that I did in fact close my accounts. Mr Swan informed me that it was not possible for him to give me any receipt proving I closed my account because Bank of America has no such form on file. One more point of frustration as a consumer and indication of BIG BANK insensitivity to its customers. Glad to be gone from the questionable mega bank… That’s for sure…..

You are never really free from Bank of America Fees, not even after you close your accounts!


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