May 27 2012 Chicopee’s Memorial Drive Smart Traffic Lights Set to Cause Delay and Burn Excess Gasoline

Chicopee’s Memorial Drive Smart Traffic Lights Set to Cause Delay and Burn Excess Gasoline.

Staff Writer

I’d ask if anyone else noticed the supposed “SMART TRAFFIC  LIGHTS” installed on Memorial Drive in Chicopee Massachusetts, but I am sure you all have in that they are ANYTHING BUT SMART!

If these are SMART LIGHTS then they need to get smarter.. And a SMART LIGHT is only as SMART as the ENGINEER who programed it to respond to traffic flow or as in this case TRAFFIC CONGESTION!

The patterns programed into the computerized controllers can either facilitate traffic flow or cause traffic to grind to an annoying drudgery of being held to stop at every light from the Chicopee Falls lights on the South side of the Chicopee River all the way through to South Hadley.

The ONLY reason that you seem to hit EVERY RED light on the Memorial Drive is due to the fact that the PROGRAMING in the SMART LIGHT SYSTEM is set to exactly cause this result. There is no other reason. It may be by ignorance or it may be by DESIGN.  But one thing is for sure. These SMART TRAFFIC LIGHTS are fully capable of adapting to the flow of the traffic on Memorial Drive and into the Falls area. They are only doing what they have been told by the program to do!

Now with the added burden of the expected two year change in the flow of traffic being caused by the Chicopee Center bridge closure it is a good time to REPROGRAM the flow patters on Memorial Drive. And this reprogramming needs to accommodate the flow of traffic as opposed to causing manufactured congestion and wasted gasoline of Chicopee residents.

How is it that anyone can believe the Chicopee residents are being served by being stopped at every traffic light even when they are positioned as close as less than one tenth of a mile apart. The constant start and stop of each vehicle is an unwarranted waste of precious and costly gasoline to say nothing about the wear and tear on everyone’s nerves.

This SMART SYSTEM can be and should be reprogrammed by engineers who live in the area and fully understand the flow requirements of Memorial Drive Traffic.

This article is written by an expert in automation controls with over 25 years of experience in the field.

It would be wise for the LOCAL politicians to get it done RIGHT!


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