Dec 06 2012 Chemtrails Over Longmeadow Massachusetts and No-one Cared to Notice! CHEMTRAILS – The Who, What and WHY Answered..

I was out in Longmeadow MA on Dec 06 2012 while the planes spraying the mysterious CHEMTRAIL potion were widely visable and very busy in the sky. It amazed me that the Longmeadow MA residents all out at their local plaza took no time out of their daily activities to even notice the spectacular display of Terra-forming of the earth’s atmosphere in plain sight directly over their very heads.

For those of you who do not believe CHEM_TRAILS are actually occurring  now over their very heads there are links posted below to educate and wake you up to your own R E A L I T Y .

The Ethics of Geoengineering:
Investigating the Moral Challenges of Solar Radiation Management

Interviews associated with workshop

During breaks between sessions at the October 2010 workshop, were conducted short interviews with a number of the speakers.  Interviewees were asked to comment on the ethics of solar radiation management based on the following prompts:

  • Under what conditions could you imagine proceeding with field testing and eventual deployment of SRM?
  • What are the most challenging ethical issues that SRM presents?

  • What steps should be taken immediately to address these challenges?

[The views expressed below are the personal opinions of the participants and are not necessarily representative of the institutions with which they are affiliated.  Go to the web link then click on their name to view the video interview].

Montana SRM Ethics Page:…

Jason Blackstock, Center for International Governance Innovation (this video alone will open your mind to the reality of CHEMTRAILS) (Who, what, Why & When) Please see tis video at Montana SRM Ethics Page:…

Ben Hale, Philosophy and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder
Nicole Hassoun, Department of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University
David Keith, Director, ISEEE Energy and Environmental Systems Group, Departments of Chemical and Petroleum Enginering and Economics, University of Calgary
Andrew Light, Center for American Progress and Philosophy, George Mason University
Jane Long, Co-chair, Task Force on Geoengineering and Climate Change (NCEP) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Clark Miller, School of Politics and Global Studies and Associate Directory, School of Science, Policy and Outcomes, Arizona State University
Wendy Parker, Department of Philosophy, Ohio University
Phil Rasch, Laboratory Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Alan Robock, Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University
Petra Tschakert, Department of Geography, Pennsylvannia State University
Nancy Tuana, Director, Rock Ethics Institute, Pennsylvannia State University
Kyle Whyte, Department of Philosophy and American Indian Studies, Michigan State University

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