September 20 2014 More than 150 children are being treated for possible cases of Enterovirus at Boston Children’s Hospital, officials said Friday.

BOSTON (CBS) — More than 150 children are being treated for possible cases of Enterovirus at Boston Children’s Hospital, officials said Friday.

Doctors said they are seeing a sharp increase in the number of children with respiratory problems, and several with suspected cases of the virus are on life support. There are about 12 children in critical care and about 24 in intermediate care, doctors said.

The ages of the patients range from 2 years old to 10 years old, according to officials. The number of children being treated is about three times higher than what the hospital is used to seeing at this time of year.

Massachusetts General Hospital and Baystate Medical Center in Springfield reported suspected cases of Enterovirus earlier in the week. Lab samples are being sent to the Centers for Disease Control to confirm if the cases are Enterovirus D68.

“Kids who are really working hard to breathe. . . those are kids that need to be seen in the emergency department relatively quickly,” Children’s Hospital Dr. Michael Agus said.

Across the country, the CDC said 160 people from 22 states were confirmed to have Enterovirus D68, but no cases have been confirmed in Massachusetts. Testing for the virus is a complex and slow process, officials said.

States with confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68 (CDC)

Symptoms of the virus include coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, runny nose and sometimes fever.

If symptoms are mild, doctors are advising parents to keep children at home and treat the illness like a cold. But if more serious symptoms like a fever and difficulty breathing develop, children should be taken to a doctor.

Doctors are also encouraging parents to vaccinate children for the flu this season.


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September 5 2014 Massachusetts Voting – Vote for those who want to represent your voice and those politicians who will support the United States Constitution as opposed to those who will work to weaken it.


Your Vote in 2014 and every other Election Time.

On your next trip to the voting booth – Please take the time to understand which politician actually believes in the United States Constitution and which politician who does not..

The United States Constitution maps out your individual inalienable rights. It protects you from oppression and tyranny.  It limits the overreach of a rogue government. A rogue government is one which appoints it self as “A RULER OVER ITS PEOPLE” as opposed to the VOICE of the People.

Vote for those who want to represent your voice and those politicians who will support the United States Constitution as opposed to those who will work to weaken it. There is no other issue more important than the United States Constitution and individual rights of the voters who need their voice represented as opposed to being trampled by the AGENDA of a  BIG GOVERNMENT ,, and BIG BUSINESS.


September 4 2014 Let the EBAY Buyer Beware! EBAY Protects Vendors such as TOP_GEAR Doing Bad Business

Let the EBAY Buyer Beware! EBAY Protects Vendors such as TOP_GEAR Doing Bad Business


After checking the vendor reviews of TOP_GEAR motorcycle parts out of Dania Florida I purchased a back rest and mounting bracket on EBAY from the EBAY vendor with:
Member id top_gear ( 2261Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) eBay Store

When I received the item purchased I left it in the package for several days unopened.

When I had the opportunity to install the backrest I carefully unpacked the components from two separate packages contained with in one shipment box. I then laid each peice on a soft towel on the clean garage floor. I noticed there was a slight defect in the chrome on one of the brackets. It looked like a it had rubbed on the screws from the separate package contained in the shipment. I needed the backrest on my bike for a coming ride so I  then installed the (sissy bar) backrest assembly onto my pristine VTX 1300 motorcycle.

Upon completion I looked over the newly purchased backrest and chrome only to realize the defect was not something that will go unnoticed.

So I then, through EBAY, contacted the seller. In contacting the seller through EBAY  a claim was automatically oped by EBAY. What I  learned later is that EBAY does this to MAINTAIN CONTROL OF THE FINAL OUTCOME.

I told the seller that one bracket had a flaw and requested a replacement component.  Just the bad part. The seller then asked to see a picture of said flaw. (Remember the chrome from the bracket was packaged so as to cause it to rub against the other package that it was shipped with. )  Upon viewing the picture the seller immediately in a very accusatory manner responded that I had caused the scratches to the chrome. He was now calling his customer a lair. And took the posture of someone who was not going to see this liar customer resolve said issue.

It was at that moment I realized this was not an EBAY seller who cared about his comment feed back as I believe a good vendor would. What I did not know was that he must have known all the while that he now was guaranteed NOT TO GET a NEGATIVE FEED BACK no matter what the outcome of the issue.

You see the seller convinced EBAY and turned my giving him the opportunity to make good on his poorly packaged chrome items which caused me to receive scratched up chrome into I had scratched the chrome myself, and EBAY went along with it.

So okay, by this time I already knew that this EBAY vendor was somewhat unscrupulous, he did not care about reviews and did not care that he might be wrong in his assessment that his customer  was not deserving of a fare EBAY TRADE.

No biggy that is how the world goes these day anyway. I’ll just leave a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK to warn others who might otherwise think they will get a fair trade from TOP_GEAR motorcycle parts out of Dania Florida.

Here is where my real surprise came from. Today, a day later,  I was going through emails and came across one email from EBAY telling me that EBAY had REMOVED the negative review placed on TOP_GEAR motorcycle parts out of Dania Florida. The negative review simply said that I raised a defect issue and the vendor did not care to make good on it.

I now can no longer trust EBAY customer reviews. This new information now makes me wonder HOW MANY NEGATIVE REVIEWS is EBAY removing from the many, many unscrupulous EBAY vendors to SKEW their average ratings and cause the EBAY now uninformed buyer to suffer losses they would have otherwise AVOIDED?

The injustice here is that EBAY has enough incentive to remove honest bad reviews of vendors who sell products which serve to boost the EBAY bottom line.

IMO, this is what EBAY has now become. How many bad reviews has EBAY removed? And from how many bad vendors? Some real Journalists should look into this!

Please register your comments here if you have had any similar bad EBAY experiences. I assure you honest bad EBAY reviews will be published in comments and not removed.