April 7 2015 Massachusetts Politicians Sell Out The Citizens to INSURANCE company Surcharges

In a New Move to Render AUTOMATIC Auto HEADLIGHT Systems Useless while taking away the most basic of human rights – CHOICE – The MASSACHUSETTS LAW MAKERS have proven they DO NOT REPRESENT the PEOPLE of Massachusetts.


EXPOSE and FIRE the Law Makers and the GOVERNOR who allowed this DRACONIAN Measure to be enacted AGAINST the people of Massachusetts.

Any of your relied upon LOCAL TV, RADIO or PRINT news who reports this as matter of fact and without comment or rage is proving itself to be the NEWS SERVICE who has signed onto the Police State mentality. They are in effect saying that they do believe that you are too stupid and weak to decide when to turn your lights on. They are also saying that you are also too stupid and weak to know on your own or understand when your government is over-reaching in their efforts of stealing your FREEDOM of choice. That news service is conditioning you to ACCEPT “ANTI-FREEDOM LEGISLATION”.

Is this why it is said that people end up with the form of government that they deserve?

Massachusetts law mandating headlight use takes effect

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

BOSTON — A new Massachusetts law requires drivers to turn on their headlights when their windshield wipers are in use and during times of low visibility during the day.

The law that takes effect Tuesday. The LAWMAKERS claim it is meant to increase safety on the state’s roads by making vehicles more visible.

The REALITY OF THE DRACONIAN LAW: The law taking away free choice, passed in January.

The Law mandates headlight use when “due to insufficient light or unfavorable atmospheric conditions” visibility is reduced to less than 500 feet, as well as from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise.

The LAW imposes a fine and INSURANCE SURCHARGES if you forget or rely on the car’s automatic headlight system.

In effect the MASSACHUSETTS Government have made automatic headlights ILLEGAL.

A violation is subject to a $5 fine and is considered a surchargeable minor motor vehicle traffic offense for insurance purposes.

ARE YOU MAD YET? Fire the CORRUPTED politicians serving BIG BUSINESS and not the CITIZEN of MA.

THE CORRUPT LAW MAKERS were working for their Insurance company contributor bosses to impose this draconian law.

This law does not help the people of Massachusetts one bit. It does however, also give the police state one more avenue to stop and search your vehicle or even arrest or shoot you for failure to cooperate with these or other draconian measures.

The Surcharge will total $600.00 over six years. The SURCHARGE is PURE PROFIT to the Auto INSURANCE COMPANY… And it is an OVERBURDEN to the already cash strapped Massachusetts citizen. 

It is time to VOTE THE CORRUPT (Law Maker) POLITICIANS OUT OF OFFICE. They are not working for the voters.

In the days of Ol they would have Tared and Feathered these corrupt sellout politicians as well.

The law will get an early test. Rain is in the forecast for Tuesday through much of the week.

In the words of Ben Franklin, The PEOPLE will get the Government they deserve. …