Repeat Voter Ignorance Indicated in MASSACHUSETTS POLES- Same Behavior Does Not Yield a Better Result!

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The ignorance of PARTY LINE VOTING is how the inner cities became dysfunctional in the United States.
Professional POLITICIAN Millionaires disguised as DEMOCRATS will never fix the problems of working families, of the poor, of the urban dwellers or the inner city’s endless cycles of  disrepair, neglect and limited opportunity. It will take a miracle from the heavens to fix the problems we face in the modern times in the United States. Our very existence and sovereignty as an independent nation has been co opted and sold to the highest bidder by those who have in the past mobilized the BLACK VOTE only to leave them standing at gates  of the false prosperity that was promised to them.
REPUBLICAN millionaire POLITICIANS will never fix the the problems listed above.
It will take a person who has seen the problem, who has had enough life experience, who has many times error-ed in life himself but who has made a commitment to change at some point in his life and to give his time, money and  forgo a comfortable retirement to give all AMERICANS a fair opportunity at a rewarding and good life free of professional political corruption. Would you be able to recognize this person if he existed?
It will take a divine intervention of someone who has been called upon by god himself to change his own life and to truly fix the broken political system that we have allowed to endlessly repeat itself in the United States.
The question I have for you is; If god himself sent to you that inspired individual who has the voters best interest in mind, Would you recognize and believe that his intentions were in fact genuine?
Would you give a true patriot the opportunity to make America Great Again?
Or would you repeat the same DEMOCRAT behavior and EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT?
There is ONLY ONE CANDIDATE who has promised to eradicate professional political corruption and help all Americans.
Will you do the right thing? Can You?
It is up to all of us the do the right thing in MASSACHUSETTS..
Please let us not repeat the same behavior and expect any different result!
Do the right thing for EVERYONE in AMERICA!

 Definition of Insanity

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein quotes from