OBAMA’S (H. Clinton’s) HEROIN EPIDEMIC in the U.S.A. – US Importing Heroin from AFGHANISTAN with newer versions of “AIR AMERICA”

Maine Governor Tells Citizens to “Lock and Load’ to get rid of Heroin Dealers

Maine governor calls on armed citizens to murder drug dealers as opioid/heroin deaths soar among youth

“I tell ya, everybody in Maine, we have constitutional carry,” LePage said in an on-camera interview in Lewiston, in a reference to his state’s protections for carrying concealed handguns without a special permit.
“Load up and get rid of the drug dealers. Because, folks, they’re killing our kids,” he said.

Get rid of every last one profiting from the drug trade … Morpheus






They are anti-humanity scum of the earth.. 

Maine Governor has the only solution


Can You Handle the TRUTH  ?
If the G.H.W Bush administration and the Clinton’s were bringing in the cocaine during the 80’s and the 90’s, then it stands to reason that when the evidence points to a corrupt ROGUE ELEMENT  (now Obama and another Clinton) at the top of our system of government and with its control over the various letter agencies as protecting and nurturing the HEROIN trade. Further evidence is the new nationwide epidemic in HEROIN use in our cities which is taking place. All indications are that the head of our government is actively promoting and profiting from the HEROIN importation (while denouncing it in words) and they are PROFITING FROM the pain and suffering that it causes to our cities and citizens..
Obama  and (Hillary Clinton ) are completely stupid and inept if they do not know. It is more likely they are involved in the heroin importation. Every indication is they are in it up to their eyeballs with their own version of AIR AMERICA.
This HEROIN EPIDEMIC is not happening by its self and it is not operating under the radar of open eyed caring federal employees. People at the top of the FED are facilitating the HEROIN IMPORTATION. That is the top of the heroin food chain.. whether you want to accept and believe it or not.. The main Stream News is under their control and can not tell you the truth as the MSM could not tell you the truth back in the 80’s and 90’s with the cocaine epidemic.
Feb 08 11:50

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe that Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything … Want a Revolution

We’ve previously noted that polls show that Americans are in a “pre-revolutionary” mood, that less than 1 in 5 Americans think that the government has the “consent of the governed”, that government corruption tops the list of Americans’ fears, and that 3 times as many Americans supported King George during the Revolutionary War than support our OWN Congress today.
You might assume that such statements are over-the-top … or that the results come from partisan pollsters.
But a group of Republican and Democratic pollsters and political strategists reviewed polling data last week, and revealed some stunning results:


Payton Manning and the OFFICIALS Defeat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50
NFL Super Bowl round
Sunday, February 7, 6:30 PM
Levi’s Stadium


10 – 24

1 2 3 4 Total
Panthers 0 7 0 3 10
Broncos 10 3 3 8 24
Box Score
All times are in Eastern Time

April 7 2015 Massachusetts Politicians Sell Out The Citizens to INSURANCE company Surcharges

In a New Move to Render AUTOMATIC Auto HEADLIGHT Systems Useless while taking away the most basic of human rights – CHOICE – The MASSACHUSETTS LAW MAKERS have proven they DO NOT REPRESENT the PEOPLE of Massachusetts.


EXPOSE and FIRE the Law Makers and the GOVERNOR who allowed this DRACONIAN Measure to be enacted AGAINST the people of Massachusetts.

Any of your relied upon LOCAL TV, RADIO or PRINT news who reports this as matter of fact and without comment or rage is proving itself to be the NEWS SERVICE who has signed onto the Police State mentality. They are in effect saying that they do believe that you are too stupid and weak to decide when to turn your lights on. They are also saying that you are also too stupid and weak to know on your own or understand when your government is over-reaching in their efforts of stealing your FREEDOM of choice. That news service is conditioning you to ACCEPT “ANTI-FREEDOM LEGISLATION”.

Is this why it is said that people end up with the form of government that they deserve?

Massachusetts law mandating headlight use takes effect

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

BOSTON — A new Massachusetts law requires drivers to turn on their headlights when their windshield wipers are in use and during times of low visibility during the day.

The law that takes effect Tuesday. The LAWMAKERS claim it is meant to increase safety on the state’s roads by making vehicles more visible.

The REALITY OF THE DRACONIAN LAW: The law taking away free choice, passed in January.

The Law mandates headlight use when “due to insufficient light or unfavorable atmospheric conditions” visibility is reduced to less than 500 feet, as well as from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise.

The LAW imposes a fine and INSURANCE SURCHARGES if you forget or rely on the car’s automatic headlight system.

In effect the MASSACHUSETTS Government have made automatic headlights ILLEGAL.

A violation is subject to a $5 fine and is considered a surchargeable minor motor vehicle traffic offense for insurance purposes.

ARE YOU MAD YET? Fire the CORRUPTED politicians serving BIG BUSINESS and not the CITIZEN of MA.

THE CORRUPT LAW MAKERS were working for their Insurance company contributor bosses to impose this draconian law.

This law does not help the people of Massachusetts one bit. It does however, also give the police state one more avenue to stop and search your vehicle or even arrest or shoot you for failure to cooperate with these or other draconian measures.

The Surcharge will total $600.00 over six years. The SURCHARGE is PURE PROFIT to the Auto INSURANCE COMPANY… And it is an OVERBURDEN to the already cash strapped Massachusetts citizen. 

It is time to VOTE THE CORRUPT (Law Maker) POLITICIANS OUT OF OFFICE. They are not working for the voters.

In the days of Ol they would have Tared and Feathered these corrupt sellout politicians as well.

The law will get an early test. Rain is in the forecast for Tuesday through much of the week.

In the words of Ben Franklin, The PEOPLE will get the Government they deserve. …

October 25 2014 Three New England Nuke Plants Owned by Entergy have Issues of Public Concern

Groups have concerns with 3 Entergy nukes

The company replied that it has kept safety a paramount concern

pilgram power plant

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Nuclear watchdog groups said Friday that Entergy Corp. is trying to cut costs at reactors it owns in Vermont, Massachusetts and New York, and may be placing safety in jeopardy as a result.

The company replied that it has kept safety a paramount concern, but that it will comply with any new requirements placed on it by federal regulators resulting from the complaints from the groups.

“Running an aging nuclear reactor is already risky business,” said Jessica Azulay, program director of the Syracuse, New York-based Alliance for a Green Economy. “But running an aging nuclear reactor on the cheap — that’s just beyond irresponsible.”

The alliance, Massachusetts-based Pilgrim Watch, and the Citizens Awareness Network, which has affiliates in Massachusetts and Vermont, filed emergency petitions with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission relating to Vermont Yankee and the FitzPatrick plant in Scriba, New York. They also asked the NRC to investigate whether cost-cutting is affecting safety measures at the Pilgrim plant in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Neil Sheehan, spokesman for the NRC’s Northeast regional office, said Friday the agency is reviewing the petitions.

Kelle Barfield, spokeswoman for New Orleans-based Entergy, said the watchdog groups are raising unnecessary alarm.

“Clearly, we say over and over again that safety is our top priority. We would do nothing that would compromise the safety of our employees or the communities where we operate,” Barfield said.

The groups maintain that Entergy’s slowness to replace an aging cooling system condenser at the Fitzpatrick plant has resulted in higher than necessary radiation exposure for workers. The condenser has been plagued by frequent leaks. They also question security at the Pilgrim plant, saying the grounds have been targeted frequently by unauthorized intruders.

In addition, they maintain that staffing levels contemplated by Entergy at Vermont Yankee after it closes at the end of the year won’t be adequate to guard against an accident involving its spent fuel storage pool.

The NRC wrote to Vermont Yankee on Oct. 20, saying its request to relax emergency planning around the plant after it shuts down contained inaccuracies, including about the amount of radiation that could escape in an accident involving the spent fuel pool.

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Comcast Not Welcome in Worcester MA – “It’s a terrible company”: Comcast not welcome in city, council says

The City Council in Worcester, MA does not want Comcast coming anywhere near its residents. The cable company is seeking a license transfer from Charter as part of a customer swap that’s tied to its purchase of Time Warner Cable, but the council is trying to block it.
“It’s a terrible company,” City Councilor Gary Rosen said after a vote last night, pointing to Comcast’s “deplorable and substandard” customer service in other municipalities. “In my opinion, they should not be welcome in this city. Comcast is a wolf in wolf’s clothing; it’s that bad. They are awful, no doubt about it. Maybe we can’t stop it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak out.”
The Telegram & Gazette in Worcester reported today:
The City Council is urging City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. not to sign off on the transfer of the city’s cable television license from Charter Communications Inc. to Comcast Corp.

By an 8-3 vote, the council Tuesday night asked Mr. Augustus to reject Comcast’s request for the license transfer because it feels the cable company lacks the necessary managerial experience, based on the number of public complaints there have been about its “substandard customer service practices.”

The vote is advisory only, the paper wrote. If Augustus takes no action today, the transfer will automatically be approved. If he rejects the transfer, Comcast is expected to appeal the decision to the state cable commission.
Comcast may not have to take it that far. According to Deputy City Solicitor Michael E. Traynor, the transfer cannot be blocked based upon Comcast’s customer service record. “The cable license transfer can only be based on four criteria: the company’s management, technical and legal experience, as well as its financial capabilities. If Comcast can meet that criteria, the transfer cannot be denied, Mr. Traynor said,” the Telegram & Gazette wrote. “He said Comcast’s customer service record does not fall within the standard of measuring the company’s management experience.”
City Councilor Konstantina Lukes said the vote should send a message to the Federal Communications Commission, which could block the Comcast/TWC merger. “This is not a paper vote; this is not an empty vote,” she said. “This is a very clear vote that we are not going to tolerate the kind of responses we got from Charter and Comcast.”
Councilor Frederick Rushton acknowledged that “We are just bit players in a big play. It may feel good to vote this, but it may very well end up having no effect.”
Nationwide, Comcast would gain 1.6 million customers from Charter while Charter would gain 1.6 million customers from Time Warner Cable. In Massachusetts, Comcast would add 182,999 customers in 53 communities, the newspaper report said.

September 20 2014 More than 150 children are being treated for possible cases of Enterovirus at Boston Children’s Hospital, officials said Friday.

BOSTON (CBS) — More than 150 children are being treated for possible cases of Enterovirus at Boston Children’s Hospital, officials said Friday.

Doctors said they are seeing a sharp increase in the number of children with respiratory problems, and several with suspected cases of the virus are on life support. There are about 12 children in critical care and about 24 in intermediate care, doctors said.

The ages of the patients range from 2 years old to 10 years old, according to officials. The number of children being treated is about three times higher than what the hospital is used to seeing at this time of year.

Massachusetts General Hospital and Baystate Medical Center in Springfield reported suspected cases of Enterovirus earlier in the week. Lab samples are being sent to the Centers for Disease Control to confirm if the cases are Enterovirus D68.

“Kids who are really working hard to breathe. . . those are kids that need to be seen in the emergency department relatively quickly,” Children’s Hospital Dr. Michael Agus said.

Across the country, the CDC said 160 people from 22 states were confirmed to have Enterovirus D68, but no cases have been confirmed in Massachusetts. Testing for the virus is a complex and slow process, officials said.

States with confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68 (CDC)

Symptoms of the virus include coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, runny nose and sometimes fever.

If symptoms are mild, doctors are advising parents to keep children at home and treat the illness like a cold. But if more serious symptoms like a fever and difficulty breathing develop, children should be taken to a doctor.

Doctors are also encouraging parents to vaccinate children for the flu this season.

Link: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2014/09/19/more-than-100-enterovirus-cases-suspected-in-boston/

Article published under Fair Use Clause.

September 4 2014 Let the EBAY Buyer Beware! EBAY Protects Vendors such as TOP_GEAR Doing Bad Business

Let the EBAY Buyer Beware! EBAY Protects Vendors such as TOP_GEAR Doing Bad Business


After checking the vendor reviews of TOP_GEAR motorcycle parts out of Dania Florida I purchased a back rest and mounting bracket on EBAY from the EBAY vendor with:
Member id top_gear ( 2261Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) eBay Store

When I received the item purchased I left it in the package for several days unopened.

When I had the opportunity to install the backrest I carefully unpacked the components from two separate packages contained with in one shipment box. I then laid each peice on a soft towel on the clean garage floor. I noticed there was a slight defect in the chrome on one of the brackets. It looked like a it had rubbed on the screws from the separate package contained in the shipment. I needed the backrest on my bike for a coming ride so I  then installed the (sissy bar) backrest assembly onto my pristine VTX 1300 motorcycle.

Upon completion I looked over the newly purchased backrest and chrome only to realize the defect was not something that will go unnoticed.

So I then, through EBAY, contacted the seller. In contacting the seller through EBAY  a claim was automatically oped by EBAY. What I  learned later is that EBAY does this to MAINTAIN CONTROL OF THE FINAL OUTCOME.

I told the seller that one bracket had a flaw and requested a replacement component.  Just the bad part. The seller then asked to see a picture of said flaw. (Remember the chrome from the bracket was packaged so as to cause it to rub against the other package that it was shipped with. )  Upon viewing the picture the seller immediately in a very accusatory manner responded that I had caused the scratches to the chrome. He was now calling his customer a lair. And took the posture of someone who was not going to see this liar customer resolve said issue.

It was at that moment I realized this was not an EBAY seller who cared about his comment feed back as I believe a good vendor would. What I did not know was that he must have known all the while that he now was guaranteed NOT TO GET a NEGATIVE FEED BACK no matter what the outcome of the issue.

You see the seller convinced EBAY and turned my giving him the opportunity to make good on his poorly packaged chrome items which caused me to receive scratched up chrome into I had scratched the chrome myself, and EBAY went along with it.

So okay, by this time I already knew that this EBAY vendor was somewhat unscrupulous, he did not care about reviews and did not care that he might be wrong in his assessment that his customer  was not deserving of a fare EBAY TRADE.

No biggy that is how the world goes these day anyway. I’ll just leave a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK to warn others who might otherwise think they will get a fair trade from TOP_GEAR motorcycle parts out of Dania Florida.

Here is where my real surprise came from. Today, a day later,  I was going through emails and came across one email from EBAY telling me that EBAY had REMOVED the negative review placed on TOP_GEAR motorcycle parts out of Dania Florida. The negative review simply said that I raised a defect issue and the vendor did not care to make good on it.

I now can no longer trust EBAY customer reviews. This new information now makes me wonder HOW MANY NEGATIVE REVIEWS is EBAY removing from the many, many unscrupulous EBAY vendors to SKEW their average ratings and cause the EBAY now uninformed buyer to suffer losses they would have otherwise AVOIDED?

The injustice here is that EBAY has enough incentive to remove honest bad reviews of vendors who sell products which serve to boost the EBAY bottom line.

IMO, this is what EBAY has now become. How many bad reviews has EBAY removed? And from how many bad vendors? Some real Journalists should look into this!

Please register your comments here if you have had any similar bad EBAY experiences. I assure you honest bad EBAY reviews will be published in comments and not removed.