Businesses We Like

Please Support Your Local Businesses

These are the local businesses who consistently deliver a wholesome experience to the customer. They provide quality products, vegetables or food and are never over priced.

  1. Johnny’s Bar & Grille in South Hadley, MA
  2. Diversified Electric of Chicopee, MA.
  3. Raymond R Houle Construction of Ludlow, MA
  4. Red Fire Farm in Granby Mass.
  5. BOCAGE HAIR DESIGN. 44 Walnut St, Chicopee, MA. 413) 593-9011
  6. Leverit Coop Rattlesnake Gully Rd, Leverett, MA
  7. Chicopee Starbucks
  8. Opa-Opa Brewing Company of Southampton, MA
  9. Westover Animal Clinic of Chicopee, MA
  10. Walgreenes of Chicopee, MA
  11. The Andrea Hotel of Misquamicut Beach, RI
  12. Natural Food Stores in New England
  13. Riverview Machine of Holyoke, MA
  14. Olympia Sports of Maine
  15. Panera Bread
  16. WHOLEFOODS Market of Hadley, MA
  17. Lake Wyola  Annual Beer Fest
  18. Rafters of Amherst, MA
  19. Barstows of Hadley MA
  20. Route 33 Pizza House of South Hadley, MA
  21. Rao’s Coffee  Roasting Company of Amherst MA
  22. Chili’s West Springfield.
  23. 99 Restaurant,  Chicopee
  24. Lucky Strike Restaurant,  Chicopee
  25. Chick-Fil-A,  Chicopee

Local Businesses have a stake in the community. The owners and employees live in the community. They work in the community. They spend their earned income in the community. Their children attend the local schools. They drink the local water. And they pay local taxes to support the community.

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One thought on “Businesses We Like

  1. What a great list! Can I add a couple?

    Family Pizza of South Hadley – affordable, quick, good

    Sweet Music Studio of South Hadley – for string, woodwinds, piano lessons

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